Combotext as text in scheduler and dblclick problem


While trying to build a bookingsystem I came accross two issues in the timeline part of the Scheduler:

  1. I’ve built in a combo box in the lightbox which works fine, but I want the selected name to be shown as text in the scheduler overview. I can make that work after reloading the page, but not directly after creating the event. The combo box gets it’s data from a database with a numeric value as key and a namefield. Combo works as it should, saves an integer to my db, but now I want the name directly to be shown as text on the calendar. How can I do that?
  2. When I doubleclick on an event in timeline view, the event saves itself, but doesn’t open the lightbox. In day,week and month view this works how it should. How to solve this issue?

Thank you!

[code]function initScheduler() {

		scheduler.locale.labels.timeline_tab = "Per Kamer";
        scheduler.config.xml_date="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i";

        var sections=[

{key:1, label:“Kamer 23”},
{key:2, label:“Kamer 24”},

            name:	"timeline",
            x_unit:	"day",
            x_date:	"%F %d",
            x_step:	1,
            x_size: 7,
            x_start: 0,
            x_length:	7,
            y_unit:	sections,
            y_property:	"unit",

var sTabs = ‘


scheduler=dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachScheduler(null, “timeline”, sTabs);
//Data loading
{name:“guest”, height:23, type:“combo”, image_path:“dhtmlx/scheduler/samples/common/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/”, height:30, filtering:true, map_to:“guest”,script_path:“dp/bookings/guest_combo.php”, focus:true },
{name:“description”, height:130, map_to:“text”, type:“textarea” },
{name:“custom”, height:23, type:“select”, options:sections, map_to:“unit” },
{name:“time”, height:72, type:“time”, map_to:“auto”}

		var dp = new dataProcessor("dp/bookings/bookings_conn.php");


  1. To show custom text in event bar you can use event_text template … plate.html

  2. Possibly it’s chrome glitch. Sometimes such behavior appears after debugging drag and drop. Try to clear cache and restart browser.

  1. I’ve fixed this by reloading the scheduler after lightbox close
  2. It’s not a chrome glitch, cleared the cache but still the same problem. I’ve narrowed it down to the dataprocessor. If I disable the DP, the doubleclick works how it should. Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong. Whatever the reason is, how can I solve it?

Try to use latest scheduler version.

I’m using the latest version.

I mentioned that the save action occurs when I double click, but it actually already fires with the first click.

I just found an example on the site: … ee_db.html

There the same thing occurs. Clicking on it lets it save the event, but I can’t open it this way. Is this on purpose and how do I work around this?

It seems issue doesn’t reproduce in 4.3.1 version.