Commercial License:Gantt Pro getting revoked


I have a commercial license for dhtmlx gantt pro that states 5 developer access and 1 project access, but when I tried to host it on my server the license was revoked from the machine where I’m developing the web app. This has been happening multiple times, seems like it only accepts 1 app at a time. (I add the downloaded version from dhtmlx client portal to license my app). How can this be handled better to access the license in multple environments?


Hello Debanjali,
Please, submit a support request according to the instructions in the email with the license and clarify what exactly happens when the license is “revoked”.


I have some features like baselines and critical paths in my app, everytime I try to run the same app on a different computer or the server where my web app would run, the license gets revoked from my developement computer and throws multiple errors like addTaskLayer is not a func, etc. Is there something I’m missing out?


Hello Debanjali,
It may happen that you connected both the Standard (GPL) and the Pro versions on the same page with Gantt. In that case, the latter loaded Javascript file will overwrite the functionality of the Javascript file that was loaded earlier. You need to check all your files and make sure that you didn’t add both dhtmlxgantt.js files.

If that doesn’t help you, I would need a ready demo with all the necessary files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.


Where do I submit a support request, can’t find an option to create one in the technical support area. Do I just send an email to create a support request?


Hello Debanjali,
Yes, you can send an email to submit a support request. You can find the email address in the letter with the license.