Commercial License - more readable code?

I am playing around with the GPL version of the scheduler - great job so far!!!

We are thinking about using it for a website.
If we buy the scheduler, is the code then still encrypted with letters A B C D instead of good variable names?
Or do you provide a more “readable” code?

Thank you



Full source code is available in folder “sources” within dhtmlxScheduler package.

It can read the code but, in full version. Sometimes, it also depends on the version you are using. Please give us more information about it.

If you buy the Commercial/Enterprise licnese for dhtmlxScheduler, you’ll receive the package with the full source code as well.

UPD: The ‘readable’ source code is included into the GPL versions of all of our products and is located in folder “sources”.

The compressed code is supplied in the package only to increase performance of loading of Javascript files.