Commercial License

Hallo DHX,
I have now tried out the FREE Version, if I buy a Commercial License then I can put unlimited copies on my site.

Now my question: If I put more copies of this great application on my site, is it “only” copies or can I make different Scheduler with different content?
thanks jesper

Hi Jesper,

The Commercial license allows you to use any number of dhtmlxScheduler instances within one website (one domain name), which can have different configuration and content.

Here is a quote from the Commercial license text:

My company is very interested in buying these two components dhtmlxScheduler and htmlxGantt

We develop and sale a web application (erp like) in which we want to represent some of our data on a calendar using the dhtmlxScheduler and as Gantt planning using dhtmlGantt. We would than deliver your components as part of our web application (.war) to our customers. We have less than 5 gui developpers working on the software.

Does the commercial license for these two gui components (dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt
) allows the following ?
a) Your dhmtx components wil be integrated in multiple versions of our web application. We maintain the last 3 versions for our customers. It means that even if the current version is 2.20, some of our customers may still have the version 2.19 or 2.18 running.
b) Each of our customers may deploy our web application on more than one production site.
c) In order to adapt your components to our technical context or to simply correct some bugs (I found 2 small ones so far in gpl version), we will modifiy some of your files (javascript, css etc…) before including it in our web application

Finally, do you have a french version of the Commercial and Enterprise license ?


Yes, the described usecase is covered by the Commercial license, because it’s still one application.

No, unfortunately we have only English version.

Thank you for your reply.