Commercial vs Enterprise

What type of license would be applicable for the following situations?:

  • Company X provides a service/web app at that is built using several dhtmlx components. Company A, B and C have unique login credentials to and use separate instances of Company X’s service/web app.
    (I’m assuming a Commercial license is needed here.)

  • Company X sells this same solution as a shrinkwrapped/boxed app, allowing other companies to install on their own hardware. Company A, B, and C purchase the application and install instances of the application on, and
    I think there is a restriction against sublicensing the components, so I’m not sure if this type of arrangement is allowed, or if Company A, B and C would have to purchase their own license of the components? Or if an Enterprise license is applicable for this situation?

If it’s the same application with the same codebase, and dhtmlx components are used just as a part of application user interface, then the Commercial license will be enough for both cases.

But there are some restrictions you should be aware of:

  • You are not allowed to distribute the components’ sources (js files with comments stored in ‘sources’ folder). In your application you should use compressed files from ‘codebase’ folder;
  • You have to mention our company as an owner of copy rights (this text is already included in js files stored in ‘codebase’ folder, you are not allowed to remove it).

Users of your application are not allowed to modify the code or use dhtmlx components to build their own applications, for that need to buy additional license from us.

Excellent, that sounds pretty flexible.