comparison between two users calendar for checking the avail


We are familarizing the dhtmlxscheduler.

In our application ,there exist a comparison between two users calendar for checking the availiability of time for scheduling an appointment between them.

eg: User1 is going to schedule appointment with user2 calendar.On double click, an event window is opened.

The user1 has selected 01/01/2010 10.00 AM as startdate and 01/01/2010 12.00 PM as enddate.

The event window contains a button ’ checkTime’ to check the avaliablity of date/time selected.

On clicking the checkTime button , a new window with user1 and user2 day view(ie, multiple resource view) calendar with two buttons such as CANCEL and SCHEDULE in the bottom will be displayed.

Here it should display the time 10.00 Am to 12.00 PM as selected .

If any other appointment is already exist, the selected time should overlap over the appointment scheduled to make the user understand that the date/time selected is already booked.

So the user1 should be able to select another date and time (eg. 01.01.2010 2.00 PM to 01/01/2010 4.00 PM) for scheduling appointment in user2 celendar.

Upon clicking the SCHEDULE button this window gets closed and should return to the event window which is already opened in the background.

In the event window, the newly selected date/time (eg. 01.01.2010 2.00 PM to 01/01/2010 4.00 PM) should be automatically set as startdate and enddate.

How to do this?

Is this functionality possible with dhtmlxscheduler?

Thank you



there is getEvents method that allows to get a collection events that occur in a certain period of time: … _getevents

You can also change the start_date and end_date properties if it is necessary:

event.start_date = some_new_date;