Compile library 2.6 with forms 3.0


It’s possible to use libcompiler to join the library 2.6 with forms 3.0 together? Forms will work with others 2.6 components? How to proceed to make this real?



Thanks for the fast response. Can you tell me the details and explain me better what I need to do? There is an example?


You can use suit 2.6 as a base

  • Copy from suite 3.0 libCompiler and dhtmlxForm folders
  • Now run lib-compiler and generate js file

We are not supporting officially such use-case, but form 3.0 has not any requirements for other component ( except of latest dhtmlxcommon.js ) so it must work correctly with other 2.6 components.


I follow your instructions, but I think that are another dependencies to get it to work.


fPessoaData4 = [
    {type: "label", label: "Dados para Contato"},
    {type: "input", name: "fone", value: "", label: "Fone", bind: "fone", validate: "ValidInteger" },
    {type: "input", name: "fax", value: "", label: "Fax", bind: "fax" },
	{type: "calendar", name: "data", label: "Data", value: "", dateFormat: "%d/%m/%Y", calendarPosition: "right" },
    {type: "input", name: "email", value: "", label: "E-mail", width: "320", bind: "email", validate: "ValidEmail" }

There are two problems with above form:

  1. Some error happen and the last control (below calendar) is not displayed;
  2. Calendar works, but ugly appearance, without any skin.

I think that something is missing by the libCompiler. If I use full lib 3.0, the code above works great. But I using dhtmlxcommon, libcompiler and forms from 3.0 and another components from 2.6 with errors that I numbered.

There are another dependencies or files that I need to move from 3.0 to get forms to work?


To use calendar in form - you need to use the dhtmlxCalendar 3.0 as well, so you need to update it in the suite 2.6 ( just overwrite related folder from 3.0 package )