Complete hide of Lightbox


For a specific development I need to completely hide any Lightbox and event detail validation form.

My goal is, for a doctor, to add events (availability) by just clicking on the scheduler, a ‘one click event’ creation (with fixe duration also, all details will be provided programmatically.

The doctor will not be able to change or enter anything else than the scheduling start of the event
I want also to fixe the event duration, hard limits.

Also it would be a solution just tu schedule an event after all information provided by application (all details provided except the event time, retrieved by the user click on the scheduler).

I looked but couldn’t find anyway to create the event with just a click on the scheduler (also the click will validate the event, one click not two, I don’t want him to have to click on the validation arrow, KISS - Keep it simple stupid)

Any help will be greatly appreciated



I found a part of the solution, writing :
scheduler.showLightbox = function(id) {
var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
// scheduler.startLightbox(id, html(“my_form”));

		html("description").value = ev.text;
		html("custom1").value = ev.custom1 || "";
		html("custom2").value = ev.custom2 || "";

I commented the scheduler.startLightbox so the LightBox does not appear


To disable opening the lightbox you can use OnBeforeLightbox event:

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeLightbox", function (id){ return false; });

And set “scheduler.xy.menu_width = 0” to hide selection menu.