Complex demo difficult to understand

For example,
The source codes didn’t illustrate the components usage well, they are not as easy to understand as those simple components samples. Are these demos here for sale purpose, or for components usage illustration.



Thank you for your feedback!

DHTMLX demos such as the Dashboard demo were intended to show how components work together in the interface of an application, which is close to real life.

What would make the Dashboard demo easier to understand, to your mind? Do you need a tutorial explaining how to create such a dashboard step-by-step?

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I hope to see, how the dashboard structure were built on each dhx components. But in the current source code, it’s difficult to find a component. it’s difficult to read on.

The demos are fine, they are oriented to show more generally how to create an application and not to individual components. It would be great if the new version of Optimus was officially available and with the updated documentation, although it would not be indispensable since it is a simple framework and the source code is very simple. I would like the Store class that implements the “observe” method to be part of Optimus. Since the examples are downloaded under a restrictive license this class would not be technically usable.

It would also be useful if they put a template with MIT license on github with the same configuration as the one used in the examples to use it as a project template.