Compound Primary Keys support in Connector?

I have been using the Java Connector with success for bi-directional Grid data handling (loading and saving), but always with database tables that have single, auto-increment integer columns for their primary key.

I now have the requirement to work with a table with multiple columns in its primary key, two to be precise, and they are varchar columns rather than auto-increment integers.

Is there a way to accomplish this with the Java Connector?

Something like the following does not work of course:

c.render_table(“person”, “first,last”, “first,last,height,salary,…”);

Loading data works fine with the above, but upon submitting edits to a row, the connector builds sql such as:

UPDATE person SET […] WHERE first,last=‘1450814459636_0’

Certainly that won’t work :neutral_face:

Unfortunately connector can’t be used with compound primary keys.