Concurrent / Live Update


Is there anything similar to enable_live_updates for the scheduler?
My scenario is that there would be many users editing the scheduler at the same time and I would like to know how to enable updates from one user to appear on the 2nd user’s calendar/scheduler whilst the 2nd user is working on his calendar?

No help on this one? Perhaps further clarification on my question.

I have 2 users - user A and user B. They are both using the scheduler at the same time. User A adds an event to the scheduler. I would like the event to appear on User B’s scheduler automatically, i.e. without User B refreshing the browser. Preferably with a notification that User A has added an event. Is this possible and how can it be done?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, I understand your question. Right now there is nothing available to offer for such case but we plan to add 2 options with the upcoming release:

  1. Simply polling the server-side and fetch new events
  2. Using node.js as listener for new events (the right way to do it)

If you’d like to try them out please contact us - support at

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Thanks for the updates. I will send an email to support at dhtmlx dot com.