Hello @wuhaiyan ,

Could you, please, post questions in English in the future?

As I translated from google translate:

How to extend vue’s third-party component elementui to Gantt chart, thank you

You’re asking about possibility to use the gantt in the Vue application, am I right? If so - yes, it’s possible, you can read about it by the following link:


No, I just want to ask how to add a customized title (such as the button of elementui) on the column column and how to add a customized elementui component on the onrender attribute.


Hello @wuhaiyan ,

Yes, technically you should be able to do it in the latest releases(Since 7.1) with the onrender method of the column, you can find a description for the React component by the following link:

It should be similar for the Vue, unfortunately I don’t have ready demo.