config.lightbox.sections issues

Hello! i having problems with some functionality in the lightbox configuration.

well the scenario is the next

i am working with and im not using a connector.

i have a main dhtmlxlayout with two panels, side A a dhtmlxTree, side B and dhtmlxScheduler.

so i attached and onClick event to the tree.

[code] CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.ArbolTramites.attachEvent(“onClick”,CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.CreateUnitViewScheduler); //This the tree.

// this is the function that is executed.

CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.CreateUnitViewScheduler = function() {
var temporalString = CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.ArbolTramites.getSelectedItemId().split("."); //Formato correcto?
var idProceso = “idProceso=” + temporalString[1];
var parametersOnRequest = idProceso + “&idPeriodo=” + CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.ComboBoxPeriodos.getSelectedValue();

var responseFromServer = CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.AjaxRequest(CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.XMLPath + "/LoadUnitViewschedulerXML.aspx", parametersOnRequest, "text");

if (responseFromServer == null || responseFromServer == "") {
    CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.createUnitsView("Horarios", "section_id", new Array(0));

} else {
    var temporalLabels = responseFromServer.split("|");
    CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.RemoveElementFromarray(temporalLabels, "|");
    CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.RemoveElementFromarray(temporalLabels, "");

    var sections = new Array(temporalLabels.length);
    for (var index = 0; index < temporalLabels.length; index++) {
        sections[index] = new CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.SectionViewObject(index, temporalLabels[index]);

    CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.createUnitsView("Horarios", "section_id", sections);

    CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.config.lightbox.sections = null;
    CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.Scheduler.config.lightbox.sections = [
		{ name: "description", height: 130, map_to: "text", type: "textarea", focus: true },
		{ name: "custom", height: 23, type: "select", options: [b]sections[/b], map_to: "section_id" },
		{ name: "time", height: 72, type: "time", map_to: "auto"}];

    var xmlResponseServer = CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.AjaxRequest(CalendarioCargaDeTrabajo.XMLPath + "/LoadCargasDeTrabajoXML.aspx", parametersOnRequest, "xml");



this function just create Unit views depending on the data that i recieved from an ajax request. it brings the xml and the events are display in the dhtmlxScheduler.

So when i click a random node from the tree the dhtmlxScheduler displays the events,when this happen for the first time the ligthbox select options are correct.

if i click another node from the tree and the function is executed the select options from the lightbox is the same!!! the data is not update. i have no idea what is wrong with that!

let’s say i click a node call “Rodrigo” and then i click on the events in the dhtmlxScheduler
the lightbox apears and the select options are " 1 week, 2 weeks"

the problem is that the select options in every ligthbox will stay the same for every node in the tree. :confused:

Excuse my english!

Scheduler is caching lightbox form, it created only once, and later changes in “sections” doesn’t affect the actual view.

You can try to add the next line after changing sections configuration

scheduler._lightbox = null;

it will force lightbox re-creation

Thank you Stanislav!

it works perfectly :sunglasses: