Configure a jxtmlh Grid from JSON

How can I configure header filters from JSON?
Your samples, the way I understood them, show header initialization w/o the filter part.

I am currently evaluating dhtmlx in combination with Laravel.
So far I am able to serve all data as JSON via REST APIs. Nice, easy and safe.

Next step is to remove the table configuration from the UI to the APIs.
Tables unfortunately have #text_filter on some columns.

Now, how can I replace the line below with JSON header:
grid.attachHeader("#text_filter,"); ?

Here you can find a working example of the dhtmlxGrid initialized from the json: … _json.html

Please, try to use the following format:
{ width:50, type:“dyn”, align:“right”, sort:“int”, value:“Sales” },
{ width:150, type:“ed”, align:“left”, sort:“str”, value:“Book Title” },
{ width:100, type:“ed”, align:“left”, sort:“str”, value:“Author” },
{ width:80, type:“price”, align:“right”, sort:“str”, value:“Price” },
{ width:80, type:“ch”, align:“center”, sort:“str”, value:“In Store” },
{ width:80, type:“co”, align:“left”, sort:“str”, value:“Shipping”,
{ id:1, value:“Fast”},
{ id:2, value:“Slow”}
{ id:1001,
“A Time to Kill”,
“John Grisham”,
“05/01/1998”] }

I am familiar with the file/sample you posted.
Unfortunately I have the following issues:

A. The sample you provide does not successfully initialize the grid.
The data loads fine if I add header using javascript. If I attempt to initialize header from JSON then nothing happens.

B.What is the exact JSON spec. Sample is good but true spec is better.

Here is also the code snippet that does not work:

    grid = contentcell.attachGrid();

The attached file is the JSON generated by my test API. (928 Bytes)

Your provided JSON loads well for me locally.
Please, make sure that you have PRO version of the dhtmlxGrid. Initialization from the JSON is available in PRO version only.

Thanks, you are correct. I was confused by
that explicitly states that loading from JSON object is allowed in both standard and pro versions and say noting about headers.

B. I still don’t know how to replace
with a JSON

Unfortunately the attachHeader() method should be called in a script part.