Configure Combo BOX based on row/column


How can i have a grid with one of the columns being dhtmlxcombo but the content of the combo box being different based on the row that the user is trying to edit, the source of the combo data should be a server based XML.

I’ve successfully done the combo that has same set of selectable/editable values irrespective of the row that the user is trying to edit, however i really need to have the combo content limited to the value of another column in the same row.

For example if the user is on a row with a car make “BMW” on the Make column, the Model column would only show the series relevant to BMW and not Mercedes.

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately such feature is not supported.
You may try to iterate through your grid rows after the data loading and load data to the combo cells on the base of the Make column.
For example:
if (mygrid.cellById(id,Make_ind).getValue()==“BMW”){
var myCombo = grid.cells(id,model_column).getCellCombo();