Configure monthly event to start from selected start_date


    scheduler.config.limit_start = new Date(, ,; // today is Apr 10th
    scheduler.config.limit_end = new Date(9999,0,1);

I am trying to create a monthly event to repeat on the first day of every month for 5 occurrences and the start date is April 15th. Since I have set the limit_start, the event is not getting created. Because it tries to create event including April 1st(which is past date) in this case. I have noticed that we have repeat_precise property to overcome the same situation for weekly events. Similarly, I want the start date of a recurring event to be the date of the first real occurrence, i.e. in our example it will be May 1st.

Hello @rajeswarij,

Thank you for the detailed description of the case, current behavior is not an issue as it is, but yes, it will be useful to have the similar repeat_precise also to monthly pattern.
I already sent request to the dev team, and they will consider adding such a feature for future versions, unfortunately there is no any ETA.

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Thanks for considering this.