Configuring with XML and using Server Side Sorting

On version 2.1, I’m configuring the Grid with XML and using server sort, everytime I click the header, the arrow indicating sort appears for just a moment and when the grid is loaded the arrow dissapear, and everytime that I try to sort, is always sorted in the same direction (ASC)

I include 2 files, one with the creation of the Grid and the other with the XML, I’m using classic asp when creating the XML, the way I fix it was including in the XML the command “setSortImgState” (In the XML, the lines are commented so the problem can be seen, if you uncomment them, the grid works ok)

Is this the way to fix it?

Thanks… (1.4 KB)

Alternatively you can change the logic of reloading as

         this.loadXML("xml.asp?dir=" + direction + "&ind=" + ind,function(){
             this.setSortImgState(true, ind, direction);

in such case it will work without extra command from XML