Conflict of CSS files

I use a JavaEE Framework (Spring ROO, SpringMVC) which contains CSS files. How can avoid the conflict of ROO CSS files versus DHTMLX CSS files?

On the other hand: Can I use a unique css file for all dhtmlx instead using multiple css files (one per component)?

You can use dhtmlx.css from dhtmlxsuite package, which contains all css files combined.

As for css conflicts. Css files of dhtmlx components done in such way, that they must not affect any elements outside of components. So you can use them with any custom css on the page.

We have conflicts. We use “Spring Roo”. The project has CSS files which redefines some tags. How can we prevent the conflict? Spring Roo custom css changes look for some tags globally ( TD or TABLE for example ).

You can add cotr-styles in the dhtmlxgrid css , for example if you have

td { padding:10px; }

you can add

.gridbox td { padding:0px; }

which will disable global rule for content inside the grid