Conflict of validate extention and tooltip extention

I want to use the validate extention and tooltip extention in a gantt chart.
But when I refrence the js of tooltip into validate extention demo, the tooltip can not work well when I d&d a tast.(in fact , I just past this [] to the [dhtmlxgantt_v3.0.0_gpl\samples\08_api\03_validation.html] file)

while I found that it is because the div used to show tooltip which has classname “gantt_tooltip” is add a redundant “width” style .

now I removed this style when I show tooltip everytime in [gantt._show_tooltip] function.

var tip = this._create_tooltip();"width");//this line is added and it can only work in ie,ff or other browers should be "removeParameter()";

this is a bug but I cann’t find out where it products.

it is a known bug, and it’s fixed in the inner version of component (we’ve not decided yet on a date of a fix-release )
Please open a support ticket or send me a private message with your license number and i’ll send you a fixed version