Conflicting scheduler in dthtml scheduler calender

I’m using dthtml scheduler calender,
In this demo tutorial ,
It is not allowing to book the same car for same timing period for different customers.
(for example: If I book Dodge Caliber from 1:00 to 2:00 for customer A , I’m not able to book it for customer B for 1:30 to 2.30. Though we cannot book the same car for conflicting time, i want both conflicting appointment to get displayed side by side)

I’m using this scheduler in my project for booking appointment,so it is normal to get conflicting appointments.
Now i want to know how to change this scheduler following ways:
(i)Scheduler calender allows conflicting appointments.
(ii)The conflicting appointments has to be shown side by side

you may use following client-side event to allow event collision(and maybe to do some check if appointments belongs to different users) … tcollision
js:scheduler.attachEvent("onEventCollision", function (ev, evs) { return false;//allow collision });and set minimum height of the events, so conflict appointments will be displayed correctly

protected void _ConfigureViews(DHXScheduler scheduler, IEnumerable cars) { ... //order bar height units.EventDy = units.EventMinDy = units.Dy - 5;