Connect MySQL Insert


I am trying to write to two other related databases when adding a new event. For example, when adding a new event for a new customer, update the customer table with a new customer name and add a link to a linkage table between the customer and said organisation.

I am able to add a new event, add the new customer to the customer table but then fail to get the ID from the new record, and then use that to run a second SQL query to update the linkage table between the customer and the organisation.

I start of with attaching a function to “beforeInsert”:
$scheduler->event->attach(“beforeInsert”, “custom_beforeInsert”);

I then run $scheduler->sql->query(‘INSERT … BLAH BLAH’); which run successfully.

What I need to do next is get the ID for that record, and then run a second INSERT query against another table using the new ID generated by the previous INSERT query.

Please can you help?

Thank you


returns ID generated during last insert operation.

Tried that - I get Call to protected method MySQLDBDataWrapper::get_new_id() from context.

I did however manage to resolve my problem by using $id_new=mysql_insert_id($resource);


The latest version of connector ( has this method as public, but direct usage of mysql_insert_id will work fine as well.