Connecting to Microsoft Sql Server

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Can you tell me if there is a connector for Microsoft Sql Server and if there is point me to some examples for using a grid and dropdown using MS Sql Server connector.

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If you are working with PHP, you need to use the same php-connector package, just init connector a bit differently … nector.php

As you can see you need to include db_mssql.php and use “MsSQL” as second parameter of constructor.

There is also the alternative data driver, you can use db_sqlsrv and “SQLSrv” as second parameter of constructor.

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks for the reply.
I am not using php.
I come from a .Net & Sql Server background and I am looking to use HTML5 ,JQuery and Sql Server.

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did you try dhtmlxConnector for .NET ?

Package: …

The package contains source codes, compiled dlls and an example web project