Connecting to MS SQL 2005


Can someone please show me how to open a connection to MS SQL 2005 Express using Java with your dhtmlxConnector?
In particular, say I need to connect to ServerX/SQLEXPRESS, database Y and load options in a combo that are on a TableZ

Thank you very much!!

There is no any specific in connectors itself you need to create jdbc connection to MSSQL server and use it as parameter of connector.

The tricky point is connecting to Express edition, which by default do not allow tcp connections. … s-edition/ … osoft.html

Thank you for the helpful links!
Unfortunately, I’ve to ask you one last but fundamental question:
I don’t know how to call these functions that have to be runned on the server side form an HTML page. Can you please show me how this is done?
Sorry about this “simple” question, but I can’t figure it out…
Thanks again!

a) you need to create a servlet class

  • in servlet class you need to connect to DB
  • init connector object

b) you need to map servlet to some url through web.xml

c) on html page you need to use grid.load(url) , where url is the path which was assigned to the servlet.

Thanks for your help.