Connecting to MySQL

Hi Everyone

I may be missing it but i need the calendar to show events from my database but cannot see how i can set this up. can someone point me to the right place to connect to mysql.

eventually i will need to pull events from 2 tables in this database from which 1 of the tables events need to be read only. i see there is a sample for this /samples/o2_cust/shared_events but this doesnt load because of an error.



dump for sample
and sample itself

all configuration done through

Where you need to define connection params and name of table

doesnt load because of an error.
Have you loaded data from samples\common\dump_shared.sql ?

Thanks for your quick reply.

I followed your details below and still getting the error. i have attached a print screen.

You need to run the sample by http:// like url, on php capable web server ( not from filesystem as it seen on the provided screenshot )

i thought that was the problem. i have loaded it onto local webserver and all works perfect. thankyou i will now try and get it to load from 2 tables and read only on one of these.

thank you again for your help.