connection with sqlserver side

hi i am new to dhtmlxgantt chart i am getting data in php file from my sqlserver in xml format <data><task id="1"><start_date>1906-10-04 00:00</start_date><duration>58</duration><text>Project #1</text><progress>0.6</progress><sortorder>0</sortorder><parent>0</parent></task><task id="2"><start_date>1906-10-05 00:00</start_date><duration>44</duration><text>fff</text><progress>0.7</progress><sortorder>1</sortorder><parent>1</parent></task><coll_options for="links"><item source="2" target="2" type="1"/><item source="3" target="2" type="1"/></coll_options></data>

and i am my dhtmlxgantt is not able to get data from it so is there any way this could be solved
i am using my gantt.html as [code]

html, body{ margin:10px; padding:0px; height:100%; overflow:hidden; } How to Start with dhtmlxGantt
[/code] but for mysql its working perfectly well and my data.php file code as [code]<?php include ('codebase/connector/gantt_connector.php'); include ('codebase/connector/db_sqlsrv.php'); $serverName = "SP11764\SQLEXPRESS"; //serverName\instanceName

// Since UID and PWD are not specified in the $connectionInfo array,
// The connection will be attempted using Windows Authentication.
$connectionInfo = array( “Database”=>“gantt”);
$conn = sqlsrv_connect( $serverName, $connectionInfo);
$gantt = new GanttConnector($conn,“SQLSrv”);


check the date formates and an actual values in both datasets, they must match.
In xml you have “1906-10-04 00:00” - probably the date values has been saved incorrectly due to not expected value of xml_date config. Try setting the format that matches the default date format of db you use.
An appropriate template for xml_date is “%Y-%m-%d %H:%i”

In html data the format is “03-04-2013”, in this case xml_date should be equal “%d-%m-%Y” … onfig.html