Connector after first submit Form only update preveus values. How set insert mode to connector?


Hello, I try found in documentation a method for set connector to insert mode.

I Have a simple form were i set only 2 values like this:
Name: name_1
Age: age_1

after submit in my grid is show like this:
Name | AGE
name_1 | age_1

After a new submit for same form dont insert new line, but update lastest values.

Name | AGE
name_2 | age_2

My intention is result

Name | AGE
name_1 | age_1
name_2 | age_2

How can after submit ever insert mode?

server side:

$conn = new FormConnector($res);

client side dataprocessor
var dp = new dataProcessor(“conector_dhtmlx/users.php?action=insert”);


Please, try to clear your form after the first update:


Found solution:


and thats all I need.