i’m having an issue passing the user_id as a variable with this function… any advice?

if i use
<cfset ARGUMENTS.action.set_value(“user_id”, 2)>
it works.

i’ve also tried with no luck.
<cfset ARGUMENTS.action.set_value(“user_id”, t_user_id)>

note that the render_sql works…
<cfset scheduler.render_sql(“SELECT * FROM events WHERE user_id = #t_user_id#”,“event_id”,“start_date,end_date,event_name,details,user_id”)>

Hi. The source of the problem - simple CFM error. You try to use local variable inside the function. As a result it doesn’t exist and throw error (I mean t_user_id). To solve the problem - define the variable in request scope

And inside the function use this variable:
<cfset ARGUMENTS.action.set_value(“user_id”, request.t_user_id)>

It will work.

Thank you it works!