Connector - Log only errors

Is there a way to set the (PHP) connector to only log errors? I’m already using the $connector->is_select_mode() function to filter out select actions, but it will still also log every update or insert. I’d like to leave logging on to capture troubleshooting information for any errors that occur, but my logs would be enormous if it also tracked all the successful transactions.


Unfortunately, there is no such functionality
The log is purposed for debugging only, and will include all information, for both success and error calls.

You can disable the connector’s log and use the server’s error log instead. If error occurs it will be posted to default server log ( something like /var/log/apache/error.log ) anyway.

OK, thank you. It’s much nicer being able to go to a log file for a particular page on my intranet, as opposed to searching through the error log for the whole server, though. Maybe setting log levels could be a future enhancement?

In case someone comes across this topic, my current solution will be to log to dated files (i.e. connector_log_2016-06-10.txt) and set up a maintenance task to clean up the old files after a week or two, since I sometimes don’t hear about issues until a couple days after they happened.

Yep, I agree.
We will try to include the improved logging functionality in one of the next updates.