Connector.php show alla data

Hi, i’ve used scheduler for 5 calendars. Anonymous users can take appointment but can’t see the other appointments of other users (for privacy).
If i browse directly to to the connector.php file URL i can see all data. This is a problem for me because all anonymous users can see all data.
There is a way to hide the output of connector.php?



Any idea?

The problem is in connector.php
Can i hide this output if i browse direct to this file??


I think you need to check user credentials and required parameters before passing the request to the connector since the authorization is out of the scope of dhtmlx connector.


$isAuthorized = ...;// check if user is authorized and has required access


// if all is good - proceed to processing the request
$conn = new SchedulerConnector(...);

Thankyou Polina for your answer. I’ve solved with PHP REFERER.
If the origin page is from calendar index then render_table else “access denied”