Is there a way to switch the #connector_text_filter function to update its list based on JSON data?

Some info about my project.
html + dhtmlx + spring REST API generating JSON grid data works fine.

The page runs and I can see my JSON data in the dhtmlx-grid without any problems.
I can do dynamic paging by loading part of data specifying pos and total_count as required by dhtmlx-grid.

Now the problem:
When I enter something in the text filter line my REST API receives the parameter and generates a valid JSON code as an answer. I found out that the connector_text_filter seems to require XML data instead of JSON.

Is there a way to switch the #connector_text_filter to the JSON format?
(I don’t want to implement another XML functions for the text filter function only as I am receiving more than 100k records)

I am using below version of dhtmlx suite
Product Name: dhtmlxSuite
Version: 4.4
Edition: Professional



The connector_text_filter was designed fo rthe dhtmlxConnector, which loads the data in the xml format.
Unfortunately it is not available to change its behavior without source code modifications.
I can suggest You to create a custom filter:


thanks sematik for your reply