Connectors disappeared?


aren’t there the connectors to call DB through ajax call ? PHP expecially ?



Unfortunately we’re not planning to add the connectors to the dhtmlxSuite 6. All the data components xcan use REST api to load the data and is independent to the using server-side platform.


Ok but in this way you oblige developers to learn and use other libraries to updgrade to the new version of your library. It seems inconvenient to me.


there is no need to use the additional libraries to integrate with your server due to the universal REST API, while the using data is in the common JSON format, which also prevents you from additional convert operations.


Let me know that, even though the connector development has stopped and DHX lays emphasis on REST APIs, do tell me if I can use the existing connectors with version 6.0? This will help me, help my customers upgrade only on the front end part and I can retain the existing back-end code so that my client doesn’t go in for any other library. Having a safe passage with reference to the usage of existing connectors (PHP, in this case) will help retain customers. My clientele has opted for DHTMLX instead of Webix or ExtJS just due to the existence and integration of the connectors and due to the quick turnaround.


New dhtmlxSuite 6 has the new set of the components, completely new APi and as I mentioned before, a new data structure (native JSON instead of old and specific XML format), so it is not available to use the old connectors with new dhtmlxSuite.
In case of already created complex application you may stay on the dhtmlxSuite 5 if you want to, so you won’t have to rebuild whole your application, as it for sure a big part of work. We’re still supporting dhtmlxSuite 5.1 and also planning to release new updates for this version of the dhtmlxSuite (5.x).