Consider to upgrade


We’re using the v6.3.0 Gantt Component, we wanna upgrade the new version which has the major performance improvements on smart rendering.

But I wanna know the tech detail, what exact did you improve, compare to the old one, how fast the speed of rendering compare to old one.

So we could think about the upgrading, is it worth to upgrading, could you provide an engineer to discuss it with me? thanks!

Hello Kevin,
I think the easiest way to compare the improvements is to compare how long it takes to load tasks. To make things more complicated, you can use the minute duration unit. Another part that affects performance is the work time calculation.

Here is the snippet with the 6.3.7 version:
If the page doesn’t hang, it takes 16-20 seconds to load tasks on my computer.

Here is the snippet with the latest Gantt version (7.0.5 at the moment):
On my computer, it takes 300-350 milliseconds to load tasks.