Consolidation of a person's specific holidays


I would like to have the ability to reflect individual specific holidays on the Gantt chart.
For example, if John is going on vacation next Wednesday, I would like this information to be reflected in the project’s Gantt chart and automatically skip the task on holiday.


You can define a set of working calendars that can be assigned to a specific user. Please check the article about it: ;
To highlight the weekends in the timeline area, you can use timeline_cell_class template: ;
And here is an example:

Thank you for your reply.
Your proposal will be the same schedule every week.
But what I want to solve is not “calendar for specific resource” but “specific holiday for specific resource”.
For example John gets paid for Resource A on September 1st and September 10th.
I want this reflected in the project calendar.

One of the options is to assign holidays or days-off through the array of dates.
You need to use the getCalendar with the setWorkTime methods to add the required days for the certain user calendar: ; ;
Please check the example of how it might be implemented: ;
Another option is to use setWorkTime method with customWeeks attribute:}%3B-,customWeeks,-an%20object%20with ;
Please check the example: ;