contact details form do not work with render sql

I have a form that loads contact data for the selected record in a grid, but when I try to use render_sql it fails.

my connector code is as follows:

<?php require("../codebase/connector/grid_connector.php"); $res=mysql_connect("localhost","vidainte_Grupos",",E^PkQ)-nDa{"); mysql_select_db("vidainte_Grupos"); $gridConn = new GridConnector($res,"MySQL"); //$gridConn->render_table("contacts","contact_id","fname,lname,email"); $gridConn->set_encoding("iso-8859-1"); $gridConn->render_sql("SELECT Usuarios.Nombre as Nombre, Usuarios.Apellido as Apellido, Grupos.Titulo as Grupo FROM Usuarios,Grupos WHERE Usuarios.ID_Grupo=Grupos.ID_Grupo","Usuarios.ID_Usuario","Usuarios.Nombre(Nombre),Usuarios.Apellido(Apellido),Grupos.Titulo(Grupo)"); ?>

If I uses render_table, the form loads just fine, but it fails with render sql.

The XML rendered is like this

. . .

Please be sure that used SQL code is valid ( looks so )

If problem still occurs - try to enable server side logs … tor:errors
and provide their content.

I created a log file but no error were registered.

The difference in the xml when I use sql render or table render is in the row id:

using sql render:

row id=“1348756923x0”
row id=“1348756923x1”
row id=“1348756923x2”

Using table render:

row id=“1”
row id=“2”
row id=“3”

Change code as

$gridConn->render_sql("... sql code ...","ID_Usuario",

ID must be defined without table name

Thanks!! that partially solved the problem, I also had to add the ID field in the sql

This code is working now:

$gridConn->render_sql("SELECT Usuarios.Nombre as Nombre, Usuarios.Apellido as Apellido,Usuarios.ID_Usuario as ID, Grupos.Titulo as Grupo FROM Usuarios,Grupos WHERE Usuarios.ID_Grupo=Grupos.ID_Grupo","ID","Usuarios.Nombre(Nombre),Usuarios.Apellido(Apellido),Grupos.Titulo(Grupo)");