Contact example won't work

Hi guys,

I’ve just discovered DHTMLX and I’m really amazed by the possibilities.
I tried to follow your tutorial regarding the “contact” application. I followed each step, but when I launch the app, all what I get is the layout, and some JS alert telling that the XML files can’t be loaded.
I’ve downloaded your archive for that example, ran it with the same result (void alert popup, then empty layout).

I’m using MAMP for testing all that stuff. Any known issue with MAMP? Otherwise, any idea to get me out of there?

Thank you very much!


Could you please publish an url your browser opens to load the application. There can be a possiblity you use file system path instead of http.

Another possible reason - your db connection string was not correct or database doesn’t exist. To make sure please try to load php file you use to fill the grid directly in brower - if error reportsing level is ok, you’ll see some server side errors there (or use firebug for the same).

“There can be a possiblity you use file system path instead of http.”

You were absolutely right. I should have guessed it.

Sorry for the annoyance and many thanks for your quick answer!