Contact Manager Tutorial - loadXML not working in Chrome


I’ve got a problem with the loadXML-function of the menu-bar:

I’ve tried to reproduce the ContactManager, but I’m stuck at “Chapter 2.3”: In Chrome (v13) I always get the following Error-Popup:
“Error type : LoadXML
Description : Incorrect XML”

In InterneExplorer it works fine, but Chrome wouldn’t load the XML-File.

I don’t have any server running, i’ve only created a folder with the html, xml-file, and the DHTMLX-librarys.

I’ve copied the text from the tutorial, so there should be no typo (from my side).

I’ve tried these things already:, but nothing works.

Anybody got an idea?



please attach the xml that is loaded correctly.


No XML-File loads correctly in Chrome, only in InternetExplorer.

I’ve tried to attach my XML-file - but your forum rejects every extension I’ve tried (xml, txt, tmp, no extension, doc, rtf,…)

So here is the text:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<item id='fTop' text='File'>
<item id='ftNWin' text='New Window'/>
<item id='ftPrint' text='Print' enabled='false'/>
<item id='fts0' type='separator'/>
<item id='ftQuit' text='Quit'/>
<item id='eTop' text='Edit' enabled='false'/>
<item id='hTop' text='Help' enabled='false'/>


try to attach archived files. Your xml seems to be loaded correctly. (46.2 KB)

I’m trying the same on firefox, and it is not working for me either, so did you find the source of your problem?

Forget it, I was using Aptana to build this, and i got the problem when i was testing, once i deployed the app everything went smoothly.

Just an FYI. I had a problem with this on chrome as well and in my case I was using content type


and had to change it to:


Once I did this chrome started working.

Hope that helps someone.