Contact manager tutorial

I am new to dhtmlx and i have downloaded the app but still unable to get this to work. I followed the tutorial and the downloaded the link in your response but still no luck. I am running hte index.html from disk and from a http server.

the following is the error i get in IE via a popup box:

Message from webpage

<?php require("../codebase/connector/form_connector.php"); $res=mysql_connect("localhost","root","root"); mysql_select_db("dhtmlx_tutorial"); $formConn = new FormConnector($res); $formConn->render_table("contacts","contact_id","fname,lname,phone_1,phone_2,email,homepage,skype"); ?>


Any ideas?

It seems you are loading page without using a web-server
You need to use some kind of web-server. Part of samples expects that server does support php, but it is not a critical requirement - form can be used with any backend.