In first place, excuse me, but I am trying to solve Content-Type.

His answer always went to put “content-type=text/xml” .

I think I am very stupid!!!

I studied and I tested several of the combinations, and I didn’t get to solve the problem.

It works in FF and it doesn’t work in IE.

It follows HTML and XML (static).








S�o Paulo







<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

    S�o Paulo



To observe the word “S�o” , in HTML and in XML.

Test and please help me!!! What should make to work???

Best regards,


Please be sure that you are using http:// like link for loading you sample code , and not direct path on file-system ( c:/sample.html ), because both IE6 and IE7 has native issues with loading non-UTF based XML from local filesystem.
While XML of any encoding may be loaded by http:// like link, while loaded from local filesystem IE can accept only UTF based XMLs.

Your sample works correctly while loaded from http link.