context menu and grid tooltip

Hi Team,

I would like to ask some questions which are:

1. Where can I change the css for context menu? i want to change the font-size and font-family.FYI, i use the context menu in grid.

2. I want to add text in the tooltip (in grid) along with the default tooltip value. Is it possible to do that?

3. I want to make custom color in specified grid column and row(based on grid value).What is the best practice to do that?

Thanks in advance


1. It can be done only with code modification. You should change file dhtmlxmenu_standard.css:

div.dhtmlxMenu_standard_SubLevelArea_Item_Normal {

font-family: Tahoma;

font-size: 11px;


2. You can set custom tooltip via xml as “title” attribute of tag

Cell value

Or you can change tooltip dinamically via API: grid.cells(id,ind).setAtrribute(“title”,“tooltip value here”)

3. To change column’s color dinamically you can use method setColumnColor(clr) where clr - colors list. To change row’s color you can use method setRowColor(row_id, color) where row_id - row id, color - color value. You should call this methods after grid was fully loaded. To detect if grid was fully loaded you can use 2nd parameter of loadXML method:





To set row or column color base on some value, you can check necessary value with grid.cells(id,ind).getValue() method.