context menu and scrolling

I’ve seen posts on this knowledge base regarding the dhtmlxmenu control being used as a context menu. It seems that some people have experienced scrollbar position problems when using the dhtmlmenu as a context menu for the grid or treegrid controls.

I have not had position problems when using the context menu with dhtmlxGrid. However, I do have problems when assigning it to other objects in my DOM, either by using addcontextzone, or by instantiating the menu and pointing it at a specific object. In either case, the menu position does not seem to take scrollbar position into account.

The problem can be seen with many of the dhtmlxMenu samples, such as: … &type=smpl

If you shrink your browser window size to the point that the sample page contains a scrollbar, you can see the problem. Scroll down on the page to the point that the div that uses the context menu is near the top of the visible area. Right click on the box, and you will see that the context menu does not appear correctly.

I am currently using version 2.0 build 81107, and still see this problem when I run my copy of the menu samples. Is there a newer version of dhtmlxmenu.js available that addresses this issue?

Problem already confirmed.
Newer version of dhtmlxMenu will available more later.