Context menu does not show because clicked item is child of

I have setup the context zone and the event handlers. The problem I am having is that when I right click a context zone, the event that fires actually uses the specific item I right clicked (a child P) rather than the parent container. Here is an example of the XHTML markup:

Here is some text I want to be able to right click

I add “cZone” as a contextZone using addContextZone(). Using Firefox and Firebug I setup a breakpoint at line 630 of dhtmlxmenu.js. When the code breaks there I can see the context menu visible on the screen. The JS variables being tested by the code indicate that the inner P tag is actually what is being used. Because the inner P is not actually a registered context zone the menu immediately hides itself again. How can I setup the zone to fire for its child elements rather than just itself?



try the updated dhtmlxmenu.js file. (18.1 KB)