Context Menu for Tabbar


Is it possible to attach a Contextmenu to a Tabbar?

I want to add the functionality to

* close all Tabs

* close all Tabs except the activ one

I have a script for closing all tabs, but don’t know how to build up the contextmenu.


there isn’t built-in functionlaity. You can use the following appproach to attach dhtmlxmenu as context menu to tabbar header:“theader”;


where tabbar is tabbar object, menu is menu object.

Sorry, i don’t get it working.

>>“theader”; is a global variable for the Tabbar or do i have to set it for each Tab?

I’m doing the following initialization:

var menu1;
function initMenu() {
    menu1 = new dhtmlXMenuObject();

anything wrong here?

_tabZone is an exstent tabbar property (private). It is a container with tabs. sets id for that container in order to apply addContextZone. The provided code looks correct. Please provide the complete demo to recreate the issue