Context Menu in grvi 2.0

Hello, I have a problem with context menu in professional grid 2.0. In grid 1.5 this line works fine:


But in the new version it stop working, I always got an error. Is there a new method or function to replace this one? please help me.

The menu v.2.0. is complitely different from the previous one.

Grid PRO provides a ready menu implementation. The sample is dhtmlxGrid/samples/context_menu/pro_context_menu.html (the package PRO).

In common the context menu zone can be set using methods presented in the sample … zones.html

I have reviewed the examples included in the package, but I’m still having problems, I dont know how to display the context menu when the grid is empty. In version 1.5 I used to call:


But now it is not working, please help me, I have the professional package.

With new version you can use“empty_space”;