context menu & jquery event problem

Hello.I have attached a html file.
Please try to right click in the red area.
Sometimes i can see the context menu but most of the times i can’t.
When the onBeforeContextMenu event is called the context menu dissapears (it doesn’t work as expected).
When the menu appears correctly this event is not called.
Thank you in advance.
l1.rar (1.26 KB)

Have you seen this demo? … zones.html

It uses the same approach: div area for context menu - as you use in your table.
I modified your sample a little - it works. But pay attention on comented function - it ‘brokes’ the menu.
l1.rar (1.29 KB)

P.S. Change the pathes to the files in your library.

Thank you for the reply.
The approach that i’m using is not working.
Is it because of the dhtmlxmenu or because of jquery?
Thanks again!

Ok i think i have found the bug.
Please see the attached html file.
Open it with firefox(the bug exists only in firefox).
Then press the td with text “td2”.
You will see that the menu appears at the wrong position.
I’m pretty sure that the algorithm takes into account the width of the previous td and adds it in the position of the context menu.
ps:please change the paths
l1Ok3.rar (1.34 KB)

Of course i have to mention that we are talking about two different bugs(?).
The first one is related only to firefox(and the calculation of the new position) and the second one with the use of jquery in order to catch the right click event.
I suppose that if we could solve the first one(related to firefox) i could change somehow my jquery implementation and solve any problems that i have.

Oh, i’m sorry.
I’ve just tested your initiating sample with the next way to the jquery - and it works.

Try your 13th line the next:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It works with it well

P.S. It can’t influence on work of dhtmlxMenu

Have you tried l1Ok3.rar ?
It’s a different problem.

About jquery i suppose it couldn’t find jquery.In my case it finds jquery but again it doesn’t work.

Sorry, didn’t see…
Apply to the td2 cell position relative:

<td style="position:relative">td2</td>