context Menu offset in a layout (webkit)

Hello guys,

When used with a Webkit browser (safari 4.0, chrome 2.0) , it seems that context menu used inside a ‘right’ cell (like cell B in 3U setting) is x-offsetted by ‘left’ cell width.

I think it’s coming from a miscalculation of the layout cell’s width.

I can provide screenshots or sample code if needed.

Thanks for your attention.


yes, please provide the example to re-create the issue. Locally the following approach doesn’t give offset for the context menu in “b” cell:

dhxLayout.cells(“b”).id = “b”;

menu = new dhtmlXMenuObject();


Here a sample code reproducing the issue.
The trick is that I forgot to say that my context menu was inside an attached tabbar.

Feel free to ask for any details I haven’t provided,




the issue is confirmed. The fixed dhtmlxmenu.js is attached. Please, try to use it. (17.2 KB)

Thanks, problem solved.