Context menu on Ipad

How i can use context menu on Ipad? On Ipad have not onRightMouseClick event.
How i can implement alternative event handler for context menu, is there a way
to use longTouch event?
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Are you asking about our Touch library or dhtmlxMenu for desktop ? In case of dhtmlxMenu, you may call showContextMenu(x,y) method to display context menu on an action (event) you need.

Hi there,
We’re trying to show the context menu via an HTML button click. The same context menu works perfectly via the right-button. I have tried using showContextMenu(x,y); but without success.
I have even tried it right under the mouse, just in case the mouse position was forcing the menu to disappear again!

I know the menu position is being fixed, but the display setting never appears to change from “none”. Even if I “force” it to empty “” (which it is, when it is displayed) something sets it back to “none” almost immediately. There isn’t even any visible flicker.

It feels like there is another setting I need to permit the non-right-click showing of the menu.
And it is slowly driving me mad, as all my code appears to work - it just doesn’t so what it should!

Thank you very much for your time,
Cheers for now,

Ha! Sorted!


It now all works!