context menu split


I’m using V1.5 dhtmlxSuite_pro_v16_80111

I have a grid that is split at column 3 (all data loaded via XML)

i am setting


however the context menu does not appear on the left hand side of the split in the empty space. The context menu does appear on the right in the empty space when you click in this area of empty space

Thanks again


To set active both parts of grid you can use
    menu.setContextZone(myGrid.objBox,“empty_space”); // right part of grid
// left part of grid

Hi When i use

 menu.setContextZone(myGrid._fake.objBox,“empty_space”); // left part of grid

I get an error of [object error]


Please check attached sample, it uses the same approach and works correctly.

In which moment of loading you are executing setContextZone command
To be applied correctly - it need to be executed after split executed ( if split done from XML - after XML loading )

1212420545.ZIP (1.85 KB)

moved the



setContextZone(myGrid._fake.objBox,“empty_space”); // left part of grid

 into the onXmlLoadingEnd event and it fixed it

thanks again