What the heck is:


correct context menu position

Object: dhtmlXContextMenuObject


File required:dhtmlxmenubar_cp.js


It results in zero results if searched for in your knowledge base. As the context menu position is buggy, this sounds like a useful function. I don’t suppose it’s documented somewhere?

Actually this is private inner function, which must not be mentioned in public doc ( where you find it ? )
It purpose - force closing of context menu.

Where did I find it? In 3 places in your own documentation. Seriously - does anyone there even look at that documentation before you post it? It’s obviously auto-generated; but even for that, it’s still pretty embarrassing.

For example, look at this page: … dhtmlxtree

It’s completely broken - clicking on the links does nothing. When a company doesn’t even QA the documentation for it’s products - it hardly inspires confidence in the actual products themselves.