ContextMenu for tasks

Is ContextMenu available for Scheduler Javascript?
Have not found anything related to it.

Just this topic which is already 6 years old Event copy/cut/paste on right click

I want to use it for replacing the Lightbox in some things.
If possible thank you for a short description on how to use it.


There is no built-in context-menu in the scheduler, it is expected that you connect some 3-rd party tool.
There is an API event onContextMenu which fires on the right click and which you can use to show a menu.

In our samples you can find an example with dhtmlx ContextMenu component
Here is a related sample:

Note that this context menu is not a part of dhtmlxScheduler library and is not available separately from DHTMLX Suite.
You can use the free version of DHTMLX Suite under GPL license, otherwise, you’ll need to obtain a commercial license of the component

Great explanation, I’ll try to use this also outside the tasks, for example on the sections. I’m using the timeline view with names of agents on the left sections. I want to use the context menu also in that area.
I’ll Post the results later here also :slight_smile:

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