Contextmenu, window and dataview

Hello. We have a problem. We have a procedure in which a dhtmlxdataview is inside a dhtmlxwindow. When we associate a contextmenu to the dataview, the menu not see. It appears below the window (we only see it by resizing the window).
The code is as follows:

window1 = new dhx.Window({width: 400, height: 200, top: 5, left: 5, title:“try”, header: true, footer: true, resizable: true, movable: true, viewportOverflow: true});"…");
dwcmenu = new dhx.ContextMenu(null, {css: “dhx_widget–bg_gray”});"…");“ContextMenu”, function(id, e){

what are we wrong?

The problem is confirmed. For now the only solution is to change the z-index for your context menu.